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Wadokai Winter Camp​

Charleston, SC


wadokai aikido winter camp 2018

Each winter, Aikido students from the affiliated Wadokai Aikido schools meet in Charleston S.C. at the Hombu dojo to participate in what we call Kangeiko, an aikido intensive, weekend seminar.  This event gives students a chance to learn aikido directly from Sensei Suenaka himself.  Since the inception of this event, Sensei Suenaka has carefully chosen specific aikido techniques of Suenaka-Ha Tetsugaku-Ho Aikido that relate to a common theme or principle.  What also makes this event so highly beneficial and worthwhile is that students will spend about twelve hours practicing various Aikido techniques under the direct supervision of Sensei Suenaka.

Another fantastic aspect of the annual Hombu Winter Seminar is that it allows students to come together and celebrate each other.  This event is kicked off Friday night with a wonderful meet and greet, a time when you will find older students getting to know the newer students or catching up with dear old friends while chowing down on some amazing food.


Wadokai Summer Camp

Cheeraw, SC

June 1-8 2019

yamanoshita suenaka-ha summer camp 2018

Can you imagine going off into the woods and practicing Aikido in a rustic, non-air conditioned dojo, about 1,000 square feet, with about eighty or more of your fellow Aikidoka from across the country? Summer Camp, or Gasshuku, is an event that members of Wadokai Aikido get to experience yearly. This event has been taking place for over thirty years at Cheraw state park in Cheraw, South Carolina.


Summer Camp for our organization is thoroughly immersed in the Aiki spirit, illustrated through a communal concept of participation. However, the main thrust of the Summer Camp is to provide multiple opportunities for students of Suenaka-Ha Tetsugaku-Ho Aikido to learn directly from Sensei Suenaka, as well as various instructors from the affiliated dojo.

We celebrate our aiki familiy or 'Ohana' at Gasshuku by kicking off a Luau night.  We prepare Suenaka Sensei's favorite dishes for dinner and meet by the campfire for a camp skits, stories, and songs.

Wadokai Regional Seminars​

Bellevue, WA

Spring | Fall

Throughout the year affiliated Wadokai dojos host local aikido workshops with Sensei Suenaka. These weekend seminars give students an opportunity to receive even more individualized aikido instruction time with Sensei Suenaka. Although these events are primarily attended by aikido students of the host dojo, students from all Wadokai Aikido dojos are invited and attend. Wadokai students often travel hundreds of miles for one of Sensei Suenaka’s seminars and, in addition to great training, enjoy great fellowship as well.

The Wadokai dojo in Buffalo, NY hosts a seminar in the spring and fall, typically around March and October.


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